What is LMS?

LMS is the key to nowadays learning. Thus, we designed Knolyx, a global learning
management system, to bring knowledge closer to people by making it

What is LMS?

The evolution of technology came with a lot of improvements. And tools. And abbreviations for these tools. Combinations of letters which are brought up in business discussions and should ring a bell. Sounds familiar?

Let's shed some light on at least one of these today. LMS. What is it? How can you integrate it into your business? How can you make the most of it?

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LMS Definition

LMS stands for Learning Management System. If you think about it, it's pretty clear.



Because you use it to deliver knowledge by means of (corporate) training programs.

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Because it helps you shed some light on the organization tasks of these programs.



Because there is a software behind all this that makes things work.

In more business-like words, a LMS is a software program used for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of learning and development programs. And if you work in a business environment that values professional development, a LMS should be exactly what you need.

Who uses a LMS?

Anyone who wants to learn in an online environment, where accessibility and flexibility are always available and people can learn at their own pace and access their learning resources anytime.

Businesses of all sizes

From small companies to large corporations that want to keep an eye on their employee development and make sure they are always up to date with new skills and information

NGOs and other organizations

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Governments and public institutions

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Educational institutions

High school and colleges which want to deliver knowledge in a manner that makes it stick with the learner on the long run

What are they using a LMS for?

There are lots of reasons for using a LMS and lots of areas in which such a tool can come in help.

Employee training

The main reasons businesses use a LMS is for employee training. Providing your teams with the information and skills they need, keeping them up to date with new technologies, making sure that they have everything they need to fulfil their task is essential.

Thus, you need employee training. Why by means of a LMS? Because that's how you reduce your costs and resources, allowing your employees to gain information at their own pace, according to their own learning style. Because that's the only information that's effective in the long run.


The first days at a new job are always challenging. New people, new office, new culture and tons of information you need to pay attention to. People might get overwhelmed in this process and information is in vain.

But, if you use a LMS, you give them the time and space to get familiar with the company culture and policies, with details about their own role and responsibilities, with job-related tips & tricks and so on.

Remote workforce training

When it comes to training your employees remotely, a LMS is life-saving. Same information delivered to people spread all over the world, with similar learning needs and different learning styles. And yet, eLearning suits all of them.

Lifelong learning

When you become aware that learning is a continuous process, impacting your entire development, you might start looking for a way to implement it. And a LMS is THE way. Also, lifelong learning means an effective learning culture at the level of your entire company which is a great way of achieving learning objectives.

Traditional learning, modern approach

Last but not least, a LMS is a great modern switch from traditional learning methods. Educational institutions can mix their traditional classrooms with online instruction, implementing learning paths, goals and habits. Most of the time, students don't complain about information, but about the way in which it is delivered. So, let's change it.

What can you do with it?

Ok, you've already heard that it might be good investing in a LMS. You have an idea about what it does, but what can it actually do for your company?

Delivering courses

You can deliver all sorts of learning materials using a LMS, from interactive videos, to live-streaming classes and engaging courses. That's how you bring information closer to your employees. One click away.

Managing users

Between partners, clients, employees and trainers, roles should be clearly established. And with a LMS, you can do that. The administrative tasks are really intuitive, you can track the learning progress, assign courses, challenge employees, download reports. Everything is there, responding to your needs.

Tracking and assessing progress

One of the most relevant LMS features is the training tracker, allowing you to monitor students' progress, to keep track of their learning evolution and to implement evaluation methods.

And now what?

Now it's time to test a LMS for yourself. After that, we can talk about how it contributed to your business progress. If you want to have a chat on eLearning and to find out together what's best for you, just drop us a line. We love talking with learning advocates.

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