Learning Experience Platform

LMS is the key to nowadays learning. Thus, we designed Knolyx, a global learning
management system, to bring knowledge closer to people by making it

LMS features that you'll love

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Establish your online identity
  • Get a personalized website that echoes your branding
  • Use an eLearning platform to elevate your training approach
  • Expand your online reach for training and connection
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Foster engagement through communities
  • Cultivate learner interaction & collaboration
  • Foster knowledge sharing
  • Make the most of social learning
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Shape your learning ecosystem
  • Upload your courses & learning resources
  • Efficiently manage your learners
  • Create customized learning paths
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Seamless learning on the go
  • Access courses anywhere with mobile learning
  • Make progress, even while on the move
  • Embrace the convenience of learning anytime
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Measure and enhance learning
  • Gain valuable insights through analytics
  • Monitor progress with the training tracker
  • Assess understanding with quizzes
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Interactive live learning
  • Create interactive webinars in real-time
  • Engaging live streaming sessions
  • Connect with your learners seamlessly

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Knolyx runs on the device you’re using right now.