All LMS Features

LMS is the key to nowadays learning. Thus, we designed Knolyx, a global learning
management system, to bring knowledge closer to people by making it

Features - Benefits relation

Learner management

Collaboration Management

Collaboration is possible, regardless of location

Customizable Branding of Organization

Customer recognition. Having a strong brand works to build customer recognition

Departments/Workgroups Management

Foster Lines of communication, collaborative work, dedicated content


Out of office profile creation

Clients administration - multitenant

Autonomy, manage multiple clients

Multi language support

It facilitates customer communication, increase customer satisfaction


Increased internal control, supports the efficiency of the organization


Improves overall security, sensitive access management to resources

Bulk User Actions

Perform changes quickly

Dashboards for all types of roles

Provide custom information at-a-glance

Toggle between role types while is logged in

Timesaving efficiency, Enhanced visibility

Learning elements

Online content

Dynamic and interactive experience

Quiz Engine

Engage the audience, Randomizing questions, No instructor needed

Assignments Engine

Faster, simpler way to distribute, analyze, and grade student work

Course Interactivity

Customer recognition. Having a strong brand works to build customer recognition

Invitations to the class

Engage students in learning and inquiry

Classroom and materials management

Increases meaningful online learning and facilitates social and emotional growth


Shows a student's level of understanding before enrolling to a course

Course Discussions

Increases students' interests and engagement

Support for f-2-f training access to content

Ensures better UX, a leg up on the competition, and greater customer loyalty

Certificates management

Download and renewal are simplified

Attendance list

Makes it easier to schedule

Business Rules Engine

Reduced manual decision making, Improved quality of work, time saving

Live Video conferencing / Webinar

Cost effective, convenient to attend

Resource Discussions

Help maintain students' focus

Live chat

Makes virtual learning efficient, Improve focus, encourage shy students to interact

Learning process

Collaboration Management

Increase skill and knowledge retention

General search engine

Organizing the vast amount of information

User guide for any type of role

Saves time for the user to learn how to interact with the platform

Organization/Learner activity

Maximize employee engagement by having an overview

Learning Paths

Improves employee retention, Enhances long-term productivity

Feedback management

Improves Performance for students and trainers/facilitators

Credentials management

Reducing risk, liability, and exposure

Asynchronous Self-paced

Flexibility, Ability to Learn Remotely

Asynchronous Instructor-led

Flexibility, participants can skip or test out of content they already know

Blended Learning

Flexibility, more learner control

Native App

Provides a superior user experience, are fast and perform better

Learner practice - Communities of Practice


Creates a social presence, sense of community


Keeps the users informed

Social Collaborative Learning

Development of higher-level thinking

Content Management

Customization options, accessible all the time

Media Management

Sharing media helps have better communication

Members Management

Save time on administrative processes

Subject Matter Experts management

Encouraging teamwork using knowledge sharing

Knowledge graphs

Turn mere information into valuable knowledge

Brain insights

Structure information efficiently & filter it based on levels, types of media or the source they come from



It encourages self-guided learning

Badge customization

Customer experience customised


Makes learning fun and interactive


Creates an addiction to learning


Offers real-time feedback


Provide clear progress reports

Compliance Management

Testing knowledge

Helps the trainer to determine which specific position or team the learner will fit into best

Manage business rules outside of code

Customer recognition. Having a strong brand works to build customer recognition

Soft/Hard Stop Due Dates

Flexibility for the trainer. Eighter the user should submit immediatly, or still revise or edit the test

Certification Expiration Management

Helps ensure that all certificates are using the latest required standards

Due Date notifications

Automatically reminds users about the due dates

Learning analytics

On learning elements

It's more fun and engaging


Collaboration is possible, regardless of location

Training Tracker maintenance

Improved productivity, Lower turnover

Multiple formats

Flexibility to see the data in a variety of formats

Dashboards and graphic reports

Save time by reviewing highlights, spot potential problems

Automated report scheduling

Automate the processes, enable users that can analyse the changes in the data, in real time

Learning Habit

Increased internal control, supports the efficiency of the organization

Examination/Assessment Management

In depth view of the results

Skills Assessment

Reports that helps the trainer to give the right content

Enterprise security

IP Blocker

Protect against attacks and to prevent access by a disruptive address

Strong Passwords

First line of defense against unauthorized access

Automatic email reports in predefined interval

Saving time, viewing robust data from various sources in a single place

Legacy System Integration

Business agility, cost avoidance

Live logs

Managing, maintaining, and troubleshooting IT systems

Email notifications

Enhances the user security data

Restrict registration to specific domains

Protect the legal interests of individuals

Compliance with security standards

Avoid non-compliance fines and penalties, enhance security posture

Learning Enterprise integrations

Social media integration

Easily share, publish and schedule a post

Integrate with Articulate

Creating interactive courses

Register with tokens, SSO - GSuite

Greater success in enforcing strong password policies

Content management: Dropbox, Google Drive

Business agility, cost avoidance

API for integration with a website

Managing, maintaining, and troubleshooting IT systems

Youtube, Vimeo

Higher quality videos


Can be used for creating workflows, bringing data

Whats app

Improved customer care, Saves time with quick replies

Choose the right plan for you

You can monitor students’ activity and progress, you can generate activity reports and access in-depth statistics. Everything is there.