Bring your learners & your content to our LMS, and the training process is on us.

We foster a hybrid learning environment, a collaborative training process, and full accessibility when it comes to knowledge.

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Experience a highly productive and effective learning atmosphere, tailored to your success.

You'll be entertained by an intuitive interface, flexible training techniques and business intelligence tools.

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If you want actual knowledge, Knolyx is what you need

Knolyx makes sure that companies that provide regularised training programs, can accomplish their business objectives


Deliver outstanding training that enhances performance


Reduce the cost of training, without compromising quality


Deliver an effective onboarding program

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Retain valuable knowledge and know-how


Foster collaboration through communities of practice


Promote new training as quickly as possible

If your clients want an LMS that turns information into knowledge

If you provide training courses to companies & institutions, Knolyx can give you a competitive advantage


Manage the content creation and its distribution to customers


Use a white-label product that creates a strong brand identity


Use the most effective approach to deliver training programs

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Generate new revenue streams by offering access to an eLearning tool


Deepen your relationship with customers


Foster collaboration by means of communities of practice

Choose an LMS that gives you a competitive advantage

Knolyx makes sure that institutions that run accredited courses for member organisations don’t have to worry about the administrative process


Deliver highly technical and mandatory courses


Have a compliance and attendance reporting process in place


Have access to an internal communication system

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Nurture continuous learning to deliver constant professional development


Reduce training time without compromising the learning experience


Have full control over the learning process

The team behind Knolyx: Our Story

Once upon a time, around 8 years back, we ventured into the eLearning industry. We began as pioneers in B2B eLearning, crafting quality solutions for business learning needs. But evolution called for a new direction. Building upon this foundation, a new phase emerged. Allow us to introduce Knolyx B2T, a partner product, dedicated exclusively to freelance trainers.

Our platform, thoroughly tested across various companies and embraced by 20,000 users, evolved into more than just a platform – it became a proven solution. Over 200,000 hours of content delivery shaped it into a valuable source of knowledge.Today, our expertise points in a fresh direction. We're committed to creating a comprehensive eLearning ecosystem for freelance trainers.

course-33-590x430 1 Knolyx, the LMS eager to join your learning journey.

Add your trainers and upload courses in a few minutes

Enjoy the benefits of learning, it’s easier than you might think!

These industries choose us

Is your industry missing from the list? No worries, we will add it here soon.

Call Centers

Faster experts, happier customers. Scale your training with an eLearning platform that matches the needs of your call center.


Ensure compliance and empower expertise. Fulfill mandatory training requirements efficiently, with all the tools you need.


Transform classrooms. Our learner-centered eLearning platform puts students at the heart of the journey.


Train faster, sell smarter. Scale your retail workforce with our flexible eLearning solution.

Employee Training

From new hires to employees, from partners to customers, you can train everyone using Knolyx
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"I've searched a lot for learning platforms and I find that the Knolyx platform is the best option for us."

Iulian Berghian, RE/MAX Romania

  • Reduce training costs with the right LMS
  • Maintain competitive advantage
  • Integrate with existing systems
  • Keep the know-how in your organization
  • Make new information available in no time
  • Improve quality of work
  • Implement a hybrid learning environment
  • Use knowledge graphs to find any piece of information you need
  • Implement a complementary approach to face to face learning
  • Have a proper evaluation system in place for your mandatory training
  • Always be in control over the learning process with an LMS that fits your needs
  • Encourage connectivity through communities of practice

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